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Bird flu strikes Nebraska 16 states now affected

It’s hard to find information on the current Bird Flu and its still being labeled as “not newsworthy” by top publishing companies. The bird flu epidemic is in the billions of dollars in damage.

35 million birds have now been destroyed and estimates say those numbers will climb above 100 million.
Some states require licensed veterinarians to be the only ones allowed to euthanize the birds. States and landfills are extremely concerned that burying the birds will contaminate the ground water.

26 million chickens have been killed in Iowa and Nebraska has over 10 billion egg-laying chickens and ranks 10th among states in egg production.

The CDC has strict guidelines for working with sick birds, dead birds and contaminated areas. Workers are simply not following the CDC guidelines. It’s a tsunami of errors and stupid mistakes. While its still an epidemic some experts believe it could become a PANDEMIC in a very short time.

When I see workers not following the CDC basic guidelines and flirting with a disaster that could easily become a pandemic it just makes me furious says one prepper. Just like the Ebola scare in the USA nurses and health workers refused to follow guidelines and quarantine procedures.

Pictures of health workers not following procedure in Minnesota is freighting. Backyard pens also infected with the disease and ZERO health and safety concerns being practiced by those owners.

People on the Internet and social media sites are more concerned with putting a turkey on the table for the next thanksgiving than saving millions of lives that will be lost in a pandemic.

It’s not just the USA bird and dog flus are running rampant worldwide right now. Some strains overseas have a 60% mortality rate for humans.

The national guard were activated to oversee cleanup in some states but none have been seen as of yet. Pictures of law enforcement personnel at contaminated sites can be found and law officers are not following CDC protocol for working with the disease.

The first case ever reported in the USA of a pet dog transferring bubonic plague to its owner from infected fleas was recently reported in Colorado. Two veterinarians working with the dog and one of the dog owners’ best friend also got the disease.
A giant tsunami of contamination is spreading across the nation and no one seems to care.